Cyber Security Talk

Great talk today about cyber security form Jenny Williams.  Jenny told us about all sorts of risks faced by business along with techniques for reducing them.  For instance
Risk: Ransomware – often targetted at small companies. Staff sometimes not bothered, maybe not thinking and they click on a bad link leading to all the company files being encrypted.
Solution:  Do regular and good back ups.  Watch out for key logger after a ransomeware attack.
Risk: Free Wi-if
Solution is vpn on phone
Risk: USB sticks left lying around. Loaded with malicious software
Solution: Don’t use them!!
Cyber Crime – how to stay safe
Jenny told us that businesses of all sizes are now more at risk from cybercrime than consumers according to data collected by the Office of National Statistics. With so much at stake, business cannot afford to become victims of Cybercrime.
Jenny will  outline the role of the new  National Business crime centre and the plans it has to support businesses in preventing and  tackling cyber crime, how to recognise cyber threats and protect your business from exploitation, staying safe in the modern age of technology.

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